Analogy Practice A few to get you started

Here are a few practice analogies to get you started:

More practice analogies can be found on Pinterest or you can create your own!

sun is to summer as snow  is to _____

candy is to sweet as lemons are to ________

books are to reading as food is to ______

hands are to fingers as feet are to _______

up is to down as high is to _______

cookies are to milk as chips are to _______

touchdown is to football as home run is to  _________

author is to writing as chef is to __________

blue and red are to purple as blue and yellow are to _______ 

airplane  is to sky as train is to ________

walk is to legs as talk is to ________

adults are to work as kids are to __________

boots are to feet as gloves are to _______

stone is to gray as grass is to ________

moon is to night as sun is to _________

sound is to ear as light is to _________

For more analogy practice, try thinking in terms of how things are related to each other. You can draw from objects that have matching relationships to each other, things that are synonyms, or things that are antonyms, things that relate to something because of their class, or because of their physical proximity, or in terms of an item and who uses it, or an item and its purpose, or a condition’s severity, or a thing’s type. A good template for creating your own analogies is here.

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