Services for Schools Professional Psycho-Educational Evaluation and Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Independent Educational Evaluations:

These private evaluations are for parents who are seeking a second opinion to submit to the Committee on Special Ed.  These evaluations are paid for by your school district and provided to parents who have a disagreement with an evaluation already completed by the school district.  My fee to the district includes travel to you, your child’s evaluation, a thorough report on my findings, consultation with you and your child’s teachers, and attendance at CSE meetings on request.

Private Psycho-Educational Evaluation:

A parent, regardless of school involvement, can initiate this evaluation.  This option includes a complete evaluation and thorough report, with consultation to the parent. Communication with the school district is available at an additional charge. Payment is the responsibility of the parent.

Contracts with Districts:

As an independent contractor, I am able to provide school psychological services to a district, including assessments and attendance at CSE meetings as needed.

Assessments for GED Testing Accommodation Recommendations:

Adults with undiagnosed learning disabilities may need an assessment to support their request for and need for testing accommodations in taking the GED exam.

Consultation Services

General Consultation:

I am available to consult on a variety of related topics: navigating the CPSE and CSE systems, understanding age appropriate expectations for children, how to assist children in addressing their concept delays, how to support children with executive function issues, parenting support, and much more.

Consultation with Parents on Completed Psycho-Educational Evaluations by Other Practitioners:

This option provides parents an opportunity to discuss existing evaluations by other psychologists with me. I interpret test results and answer questions.  Fee is a reasonable hourly rate.

Workshops  & Teaching

Parent Workshops:

Currently under development. I will also create workshops on request.

Teacher Professional Development:

Currently under development. I will also create professional development offerings on request.