Developing Social Reasoning & Ability to Answer “wh” Questions

Concept/Process Area:

Comprehension / Social Reasoning

  • Practice with “wh” questions relating to social situations: “why do we____?” or “what should you do if _____?”  press for more than one response since there is often more than one response for any social question.
  • Read and discuss fables and the lessons included
  • Read stories and discuss illogical happenings
  • Discuss consequences for behavior
  • Have child discuss and explain the rules of a game
  • Have child explain appropriate behavior for various activities
  • Have child explain why we have policemen, firemen, doctors, judges, and other community helpers
  • Play strategy games
  • Always observe to determine whether child can process “wh” questions
  • Encourage/ insist upon more than one explanation/reason for situations
  • Encourage divergent thinking
  • Implement role playing
  • Have discussions about cause and effect or actions and consequences “why does it…?” or “what happens after…?”